Savor the Flavor: Hearty Bison Meat Recipes from Apache Spirit Bison

Savor the Flavor: Hearty Bison Meat Recipes from Apache Spirit Bison

It’s no shock that here at Apache Spirit Bison, we love bison. We love our herd, we love providing our community with high-quality products, and above all, we love finding new bison meat recipes to spice up our dinner (or breakfast, or lunch). And what good would these recipes be if we didn’t share them with you? In this blog, we’ve compiled some delicious and hearty bison meat recipes that you can easily incorporate into your meal rotation. Read at your own risk – we are not liable for any hunger caused by this blog post.

Bowl of bison meat chili with red beans and green onion.

Bison Chili from Scratch

This tasty chili recipe uses a scratch made seasoning blend that is bold yet classic. Add our lean Organic bison and slow cook until the flavors merry and you have yourself a hearty meal that can please a crowd. Whether you’re competing in a chili cook off, meal prepping for the week, or simply craving a savory, delicious bowl of comfort, we know you’ll love this bison chili.

While the recipe does include red beans, we don’t want our native Texans to worry – y’all can forgo the beans depending on your stance on what makes chili, “real chili”.

This recipe can be made with our natural and healthy alternative to beef – organic ground bison! This finely ground, satiating and flavorful choice is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef and can be used in any recipe like this tasty scratch chili, as well as burgers, stir fry, tacos, and casseroles (stay tuned for a casserole recipe).

Bison breakfast hash recipe with sweet potato, fried egg, avocado, and ground bison.

Photo by Alex Snodgrass

Sweet Potato and Bison Breakfast Hash

This bison and sweet potato hash recipe serves as a nutritious and lean breakfast. Packed full of protein, we love how this meal keeps us full until lunch, without weighing us down.

You'll need a sweet potato (or two), eggs, some tasty seasonings, and of course, some hearty bison meat. While the original recipe calls for ground bison, we recommend elevating this dish with our bison ribeye for a tasty twist on a classic steak and eggs. Both are delicious, but the bison ribeye is Apache Spirit Bison’s favorite cut so you know it’s something special. 

Bison meat recipe with penne noodles, black beans, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes.

Photo by Allrecipes Member

Mexican Bison Bake 

Looking for something to make ahead and enjoy throughout the week? This Mexican-style bison casserole can easily be made ahead and stored in the fridge for an indulgent meal in minutes. Packed with all the best ingredients – ground bison, penne pasta, black beans, and rich cheddar cheese – this casserole only gets better over time.

Want to take this recipe to the next-level with an Apache Spirit Bison twist? If you’re anything like us, when you think of Mexican food you probably think of fajitas (and margaritas, but more on that later). To spice this dish up and make it more similar to a Texas fajita taco, we like to swap out the ground beef for our delicious bison sirloin

Throw strips over the top of the pasta or cube the cooked sirloin and stir throughout. The recipe calls for sour cream, cilantro, and lime as garnishes. We suggest getting extra limes so you can pair this meal with a fresh marg!

Braised bison short ribs over mashed potatoes.

Photo by Dinner with Julie

Braised Short Ribs

In this bison meat recipe, the fusion of seared ribs with aromatic vegetables and balsamic undertones, braised to perfection, results in a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy. A dish that's not just about the taste, but also the process. Depending on your preference, these bison spare ribs can be braised in a pot, slow cooker, or pressure cooker. Once tender, the sauce can be refined by either straining the veggies or blending them seamlessly into the concoction. This meal redefines home-cooked comfort.

Plate of bison spare ribs with orange honey chipotle bbq sauce.

Photo by Food Network

Grilled Bison Ribs with Orange Honey Chipotle Sauce

If you don’t have time for braised meats, or if classic grilled ribs are more your style, this Spice Rubbed Grilled Rib recipe will blow you away. Packed with flavor, these ribs are rubbed in seasonings allowing the edges to get nicely browned and crispy while the smokey orange BBQ sauce adds a unique tang. 

Bison meat recipe for a filet with red wine butter sauce.

Photo by Chef Carol, Taste of Healing

Bison Filet with Red Wine Butter Sauce

For a restaurant quality meal you can make easily at home, this bison filet with red wine butter sauce is your best bet. Take our delicate bison filet and bathe it in a luxurious red wine butter glaze. Even better, the recipe author recommends enjoying a glass of red wine and listening to your favorite melodies while you whip up the 5-star worthy dish – and we don’t have any objections to that.

Our bison filets are very tender and rich in flavor. With or without the red wine butter sauce, we love to serve our bison filet over a bed of mashed potatoes and we know you will too.

Try for yourself (and let us know what you think).

We’d imagine you’re pretty hungry by now – at least we are after putting together this list of delicious bison meat recipes. If your mouth is watering, we’ve got just the thing to fix it. Browse our current selection to bring one of these recipes to life. Better yet, if you live within 30 miles of Boerne, we’ll deliver your order directly to your door for free when you spend $75 or more.

If you try out any of these bison meat recipes, we’d love to hear what you think. Tag us on our instagram or leave us a Google review telling us which cut of meat you got and how you cooked it. Afterall, sometimes our biggest inspiration comes from our customers.

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